Floodplain graziers conference 2008 The floodplain graziers organised a conference involving people making a living from livestock grazing on the rivers of the Lake Eyre Basin and also graziers from the Murray–Darling Basin, as well as scientists. This was a pivotal conference in connecting the grazing communities of the Murray–Darling Basin and also the Lake Eyre Basin. It established lifelong friendships but, most importantly, people living on the rivers of the Lake Eyre Basin were able to understand one potential future and its effects from the experiences of graziers on the rivers of the Murray–Darling Basin. Inaugural State of the Basin Report Formal report on the environmental sustainability of the Lake Eyre Basin rivers, required every decade. Provided an opportunity for governments and the community to focus on long-term sustainability of the Basin and impetus for investment in monitoring. Lake Eyre Basin Wild Rivers Advisory Panel Formed for consultation of Wild Rivers legislation in the Channel Country. Stakeholders supported Wild Rivers declarations under this legislation. Strategic Adaptive Management approach adopted by governments 2010 The governments of the Lake Eyre Basin formally endorsed the Strategic Adaptive Management approach for managing the Lake Eyre Basin rivers. This provided critical institutional support to an innovative approach, still in its infancy, to natural resource management. Rivers Assessment monitoring program commences 2011 Required to support State of the Basin reporting provided a solid investment in collection of data, primarily by government agencies in the Lake Eyre Basin. Opportunity to learn about the Basin and its environmental attributes, as well as potentially contributing to long-term trend analyses. Wild Rivers declarations for Lake Eyre Basin rivers The Queensland Labor Party introduced Wild Rivers legislation, resulting in the declaration of the Channel Country rivers in Queensland. This legislation and its subsequent policies protected the flows and floodplains of the Lake Eyre Basin rivers, until it was revoked just a few years later. Lake Eyre Basin Under the Spotlight Conference 2013 This public conference was held in Longreach to draw attention to the potential impacts of changes to policy and legislation affecting the Lake Eyre Basin rivers. There was good publicity about the conference with pressure exerted on the Queensland Government. Many of the authors of chapters in this book presented their work at this conference. Revocation of Wild Rivers legislation and Wild Rivers declarations of Lake Eyre Basin rivers in Queensland 2014 The Liberal National Party revoked the Wild Rivers legislation and Wild Rivers declarations, allowing for increased trade of sleeper irrigation licences, reducing protection of floodplains and promoting irrigation. Currently, this policy and legislative framework remain in place, creating significant vulnerability and management challenges for the rivers and the floodplains of the Lake Eyre Basin. Lake Eyre Basin Rivers 82
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