Lake Eyre Basin Rivers viii 11 Clean green beef the importance of free-flowing rivers in the Lake Eyre Basin 113 David Brook 12 A life living between a river and a creek 119 Leonie Nunn 13 Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre not just a wildlife paradise but also an economic lifeline 123 Trevor Wright 14 When our rivers ran dry 30 years of water resource development in the Murray–Darling Basin 127 Ed Fessey 15 A river and a livelihood all but lost in a decade 137 Pop Petersen 16 Making a living from the Macquarie Marshes coping with decisions upstream 145 Garry Hall 17 ‘Once more into the breach, dear friends …’ the ongoing battle for the Cooper 151 Bob Morrish 18 River and wetland health in the Lake Eyre Basin an economic perspective 159 Mark Morrison 19 Mining and the Lake Eyre Basin environment past, present and possible futures 173 Gavin M. Mudd Section 3 Looking after the rivers 193 20 Sustainable management of the Lake Eyre Basin rivers regulate, educate or open the gate? 195 Tom Crothers 21 Water governance in Queensland implications for Wild Rivers declarations in the Lake Eyre Basin 213 Poh-Ling Tan 22 Sustainability for the rivers of the Lake Eyre Basin 229 Richard T. Kingsford Index 241
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