List of contributors xv Professor Arthur Georges is an ecologist and herpetologist in the Institute for Applied Ecology in the University of Canberra whose research interests lie in the evolution, ecology and systematics of Australian reptiles. A fundamental interest in these fascinating animals takes him into the field and the laboratory to learn more of their biology and to apply what he has learned in solving contemporary challenges for their conservation. Arthur has a broad interest in fostering research that underpins decisions on the management of our natural environment, but also a particular interest in turtles. Scott Gorringe is a Mithaka man from far western Queensland. He has lived his early life in the Channel Country, and regularly returns to country with his family to visit and care for significant cultural areas. Scott’s approach is founded on the belief that all groups of people have the collective knowledge, values and ethics to provide solid foundations from which to build. He believes the challenge is to reconnect with self, others and environment. Scott has worked for Education Queensland where he established mentoring and teacher induction programs. He also worked for the University of Queensland, where his role was a Learning Facilitator in leadership and facilitation, as well as in the area of Native Title Services. As the Director of Murrimatters Consulting, Scott now works nationally and internationally as a consultant on educational leadership, governance and cultural change management. He is passionate about bringing people together around approaches to complex challenges. Dr Aaron Greenville is a Post-doctoral Research Associate in the Desert Ecology Research Group in the School of Life and Environmental Sciences at the University of Sydney. He studies how the environment influences species and how they relate to each other in the food web. Dr Fiorenzo Guarino is an ecologist and ecohydrologist in the Institute for Applied Ecology in the University of Canberra. He has research interests shared between rivers and how they function, and turtle biology. Fiorenzo has worked in universities, government and private industry throughout Australia, South America and Papua New Guinea on rivers, creeks and waterholes. He is currently evaluating hydrological aspects of the Commonwealth’s water buy-back program in the Murray–Darling Basin.
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