Table 4.1. Native and alien fish species found in Cooper Creek, showing maximum body length recorded, feeding habits, spawning seasons, spawning cues and life stages (L larvae, J juvenile, A adult). Data drawn from Balcombe et al. (2005), Balcombe et al. (2007), Balcombe and Arthington (2009), Kerezsy et al. (2011), Cockayne et al. (2015). Family/species Common name Maximum body size (S.L. mm) Feeding habits (common foods eaten) Spawning season and cues Life stages using floodplains Native species Ambassidae Ambassis sp. North-west ambassis 65 Pelago-carnivore (micro- crustacea) No-flow or flow-related spawning A Clupeidae Nematalosa erebi Bony bream 276 Benthivore (algae/detritus) No-flow spawning, all year L J A Gobiidae Hypseleotris spp. Carp gudgeons 28 Bentho-carnivore (zooplankton/dipteran larvae) No-flow spawning, all year J A Melanotaeniidae Melanotaenia splendida tatei Desert rainbowfish 79 Pelago-carnivore (terrestrial insects) No-flow spawning, all year J A Percichthyidae Macquaria sp. B Lake Eyre golden perch, yellowbelly 398 Pelago-macro-carnivore (large crustaceans) No flow, seasonal or flow- related spawning L J A Plotosidae Neosiluroides cooperensis Cooper Creek catfish 468 Bentho-carnivore (gastropods/crustaceans) Summer spawning Neosilurus hyrtlii Hyrtl’s tandan 350 Bentho-carnivore (aquatic insects) Summer spawning on rising flows and floods L A Porochilus argenteus Silver tandan 199 Bentho-carnivore (aquatic insects) Summer spawning L J A Lake Eyre Basin Rivers 46
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