Lake Eyre Basin Rivers 46 Table 4.1. Native and alien fish species found in Cooper Creek, showing maximum body length recorded, feeding habits, spawning seasons, spawning cues and life stages (L larvae, J juvenile, A adult). Data drawn from Balcombe et al. (2005), Balcombe et al. (2007), Balcombe and Arthington (2009), Kerezsy et al. (2011), Cockayne et al. (2015). Family/species Common name Maximum body size (S.L. mm) Feeding habits (common foods eaten) Spawning season and cues Life stages using floodplains Native species Ambassidae Ambassis sp. North-west ambassis 65 Pelago-carnivore (micro- crustacea) No-flow or flow-related spawning A Clupeidae Nematalosa erebi Bony bream 276 Benthivore (algae/detritus) No-flow spawning, all year L J A Gobiidae Hypseleotris spp. Carp gudgeons 28 Bentho-carnivore (zooplankton/dipteran larvae) No-flow spawning, all year J A Melanotaeniidae Melanotaenia splendida tatei Desert rainbowfish 79 Pelago-carnivore (terrestrial insects) No-flow spawning, all year J A Percichthyidae Macquaria sp. B Lake Eyre golden perch, yellowbelly 398 Pelago-macro-carnivore (large crustaceans) No flow, seasonal or flow- related spawning L J A Plotosidae Neosiluroides cooperensis Cooper Creek catfish 468 Bentho-carnivore (gastropods/crustaceans) Summer spawning Neosilurus hyrtlii Hyrtl’s tandan 350 Bentho-carnivore (aquatic insects) Summer spawning on rising flows and floods L A Porochilus argenteus Silver tandan 199 Bentho-carnivore (aquatic insects) Summer spawning L J A
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