Lake Eyre Basin Rivers xviii Pop Petersen was born and raised on a sheep station, west of Longreach in the Lake Eyre Basin in Queensland, where her mother taught her and her six sisters through correspondence school. She then went to boarding school for secondary education. She married Peter and helped manage cattle and sheep properties in New South Wales, before settling on Brenda Station on the Culgoa River in the Murray–Darling Basin in 1979, living there for 27 years. She developed a deep understanding and knowledge of the Culgoa River and its floods and droughts, knowing not only that their livelihood depended on regular flooding but also that they were custodians of a rich floodplain environment. Michelle Rodrigo has lived in Alice Springs, the largest town in the Lake Eyre Basin, for 20 years. As Communications Officer with the Lake Eyre Basin Intergovernmental Agreement for seven years, she had the pleasure of collaborating with the Lake Eyre Basin community, including the Community Advisory Committee and Scientific Advisory Panel, on initiatives to broaden community awareness of the Basin’s natural and cultural values and the work of the Lake Eyre Basin Ministerial Forum. A background in natural resource management brought her to central Australia in roles with Greening Australia, Territory Natural Resource Management and the Australia Government. Now a Program Manager with the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network, she remains closely connected to the people and landscapes of the Basin. Colin Saltmere is an Indjalandji–Dhidhanu man, living and working on his traditional country in north-west Queensland. He helped establish the Myuma Group to manage his people’s not-for-profit Aboriginal enterprise initiatives. He leads the ongoing development and expansion of Indigenous civil construction, hospitality, catering, labour hire, training, employment service and land management businesses.
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