Lake Eyre Basin Rivers 90 Kingsford and Biggs 2012). It aims to provide explicit objectives at the fine scale, linked to a Basin-scale vision and informing on-ground management with continuous learning and scientific evidence. To our knowledge, implementation of this framework has never been attempted at the scale of an entire river basin elsewhere in the world. A small-scale trial of Lake Eyre Basin vision ‘Lake Eyre Basin - Australia’s unique, natural, desert river system: healthy environments, sustainable industries, vibrant communities, adaptive cultures’ Sustainable industries, vibrant communities Healthy environments Protect biodiversity in its natural, long-term variations Retain natural flow patterns over the long term Protect water quality within its natural, long- term ranges Keep catchments in healthy condition Encourage sustainable economic development Develop sustainable vibrant communities Promote responsible and efficient use of water Adaptive cultures Balance Knowledge Communication Governance Balance resource utilisation with the integrity of natural systems Share and honour Indigenous, local and scientific knowledge Increase understanding of the natural, cultural, social and economic values of the Basin, including Aboriginal values Increase understanding of Basin-wide connectedness Nurture and retain the identity of the Basin Manage the Basin as a whole -build connected governance that mirrors the connectedness of the river Provide adequate resources for the Lake Eyre Basin Rivers Assessment and strategic adaptive management Fig. 7.7. Preliminary development of a Lake Eyre Basin vision driving broad objectives which can be further developed at the local scale with specific measureable objectives. Linked to monitoring and management, the objectives were developed through extensive consultation via the formal structures of the Lake Eyre Basin Intergovernmental Agreement process (Fig. 7.2b) (adapted from http://www. leb-ministers-report-2013.pdf).
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